Custom Work

Reid and Jim wedding bands

This extraordinary set of dual-tone mountain-inspired wedding bands, are a testament to the beauty of nature and fine craftsmanship. Each ring captures the essence of the North Shore Mountains, a constant source of inspiration.

One of these remarkable rings is meticulously crafted from 14k white gold, exuding elegance in every detail. Its counterpart features a reverse design, showcasing the brilliance of  14k yellow gold as the dominant element. Both rings showcase intricate fusion of the opposite metal that artfully depict the North Shore Mountains, allowing you to carry the majesty of these peaks wherever you go.

With each glance at your hand, you'll be reminded of the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains and the impeccable style that sets you apart.

Indulge in the sophistication of dual-tone luxury and the timeless allure of mountains with our meticulously crafted rings.