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Remember those holiday poppers filled with confetti and small surprises? They captured moments of joy and laughter, and that's what I aim to create at even design: tangible memories crafted with precision.

Founded in 2003, even design started with a clear idea: balance. Seeing how fast-paced life could be, I realized people wanted reminders of the calmer, cherished times. This inspiration led to the creation of my themed jewellery lines, embodying themes like balance, direction, and community.

But there's more to even design than just themes. It's about celebrating individual stories. Alongside the themed collections, I also make custom pieces, each tailored to represent unique stories and occasions.

Integrity is core to even design. I focus on responsible crafting and high-quality work. Collaborating with skilled experts ensures that each piece is not just attractive but also well-made.

Since 2003, even design has been about capturing and commemorating life's special moments in jewellery that blends elegance with meaning.

evendesign is showcased in the following stores in Vancouver, BC, CANADA


CCBC Shop & Gallery - Granville Island, Vancouver

CCBC Shop & Gallery - YVR airport shop


If you would like to stock evendesign, get in touch.