About Us

Remember those holiday poppers? You know, the ones you'd break open, and out would come confetti and a quirky little novelty item? I'd always hold onto that tiny treasure, cherishing the memories of those festive moments, the laughter, and the meaningful conversations. That's the essence of what I create and why I do it—capturing memories in exquisite quality. Each piece I design is crafted to transcend trends and seasons because I believe in the enduring connection between care, longevity, and value.

even design was born in 2003, stemming from a single, powerful idea—balance. My friends were navigating busy lives—buying homes, raising children, and pursuing their careers. I wanted to gift them a reminder to slow down, take a moment for themselves, and cherish their memories and time. To find balance and breathe. The idea resonated instantly, with the fourth piece I created earning a prominent spot on the masthead of the National Post, accompanied by a feature article. That was the moment I realized my path was shifting from the film industry to my next career.

I am a firm advocate of mindful and deliberate consumption. Crafting things the right way and operating even design with integrity is paramount to me. This journey is personal. It's about my passion for crafting high-quality, timeless jewellery that tells your story. I work closely with each client, creating custom pieces that resonate with their unique style and memories.

In my pursuit of perfection, I often collaborate with specialists, such as stone setters, who bring their expertise to my creations. It's all part of the dedication to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty.

Since 2003, my work has been a labor of love, a celebration of life's moments, and a testament to the joy of adorning ourselves with pieces that not only exude elegance but also infuse a sense of delight into our lives. After all, jewellery should always be a source of joy as well as beauty.