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    Do you remember those poppers during the holidays? You break them open and confetti comes out and a funky little novelty piece? I would always end up keeping that little toy for so long, holding on to the memory of that time, the fun, the conversations, everything. That’s the best way I can describe what I make and why I make. To capture memories in high quality. I design each piece so as not to be trapped in a trend or a season, and believe that care, longevity, and value are all interdependent.

    Evendesign was created in 2003 for a single reason from a single beginning idea, the level. My friends were buying homes, having children, finishing school, leading enormously busy lives. I wanted to give them a reminder to slow to down, take a minute for themselves and remember all those memories and time. To balance themselves, to breathe. The idea caught on right away; the fourth piece I made ended up on the masthead of the National Post along with a big article. Once I saw that I figured I wasn't in the film industry anymore, and I began the journey of my next career.

 I believe in mindful, careful consumption. I deeply care about making things the right way, and running evendesign the right way. Our business is more than just a product, it’s grown into something bigger than itself. The meaning that people derive from the pieces is a lovely organic thing. It drives me forward and motivates me to do better.

    Since 2003 evendesign has been in numerous shows all over Canada and the U.S. Most recently the One Of A Kind show in Toronto, and the Calgary Art Market on a yearly basis.

    More than anything else I wanted to create a niche in jewellery for myself. I felt that as an object that we choose to adorn ourselves with, shouldn’t it be fun too?

Designing jewellery is Judi Patson's eighth career. Like the previous seven, which ranged from first assistant film director to professional laugher, it began as a whim. Unlike the previous seven, designing jewellery for her company evendesign has become her passion.

Here's a great lil' video about evendesign! meet Judi



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 CCBC Shop & Gallery - Granville Island, Vancouver

CCBC Shop & Gallery - YVR airport shop

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* all our silver is 925 and alloyed with mix of: (copper, zinc, indium) to create a cleaner and tarnish resistant finished product.