Custom Jewellery Design Process

This is our how our custom design process typically flows.

We work both virtually and in-person, with clients on different continents and in different time zones.

1. Initial Consultation:

  • We begin by understanding your vision and requirements.
  • We'll ask important questions such as your timeline, the recipient's name, your choice of metals and gemstones, any design ideas you have in mind, preferred ring size or necklace length, and your budget. 

2. Design Concept and Quotation:

  • Using the information you provide, we'll craft a preliminary design or concept.
  • Our team will then prepare a detailed quotation that outlines all costs involved, including any adjustments for heirloom pieces if applicable.

3. Acceptance and Deposit:

  • Once you're satisfied with the design and quotation, we'll request a deposit to secure your order, typically equivalent to 50% of the total cost.
  • You can conveniently make this deposit via e-transfer.

4. Visual Representation:

  • Our artisans will create a lifelike 3D rendering of your custom piece for your review and approval.
  • This step ensures you have a clear visual of the final product.

5. Expert Craftsmanship:

  • With your approval, we'll proceed with crafting and assembling your bespoke jewellery or custom item.
  • We bring your vision to life, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship.

6. Preview and Final Payment:

  • Once your piece is complete, we'll share a high-quality image with you for your final inspection.
  • At this stage, we kindly request the final payment, ensuring all details meet your expectations.

7. Delivery and Presentation:

  • Your finished piece will be carefully packaged and delivered to your preferred location.
  • To add an elegant touch, it will arrive in a stylish presentation box, ready to be cherished.
  • The entire process varies quite a bit and can take from 3-8 weeks.

Our process is designed to provide you with a seamless and personalized experience, emphasizing transparent communication and the creation of exquisite, customized pieces that meet your unique desires.

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Virtual Collaboration and Updates

In today's digital age, we understand the importance of convenience and accessibility.

Distance is no barrier to the creation of your dream jewellery. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with clients anywhere in the world through virtual meetings and email communication. Throughout every stage of our custom design process, we offer the option for virtual collaboration. We'll schedule virtual meetings at your convenience to discuss design ideas, review 3D renderings, and provide updates on the progress of your unique piece.

You can expect prompt communication via email, where we'll share design concepts, quotations, and high-quality images for your approval. This virtual approach allows you to actively participate in the creation of your custom jewelry from the comfort of your home, office or on the go.