Custom Jewellery Design Process

Custom Design Process

No matter where you are, my design process is tailored uniquely to you. Whether you're on another continent or in a different time zone, my blend of virtual and in-person interactions ensures your vision is realized.

  1. Initial Consultation:

    • I start by immersing myself in your vision and requirements.
    • I'll delve into the details, asking about your timeline, the recipient's name, your preferred metals and gemstones, any design inspirations you have, the desired ring size or necklace length, and your budget.
  2. Design Concept and Quotation:

    • Using the insights you provide, I'll handcraft a preliminary design or concept.
    • Next, I'll outline a detailed quotation, breaking down all associated costs, and accommodating any cherished heirloom pieces.
  3. Acceptance and Deposit:

    • Once you're content with the design and quotation, I request a deposit, typically equivalent to 50% of the total cost, to begin the crafting process.
    • You can easily transfer this deposit via e-transfer.
  4. Visual Representation:

    • I will meticulously craft a lifelike 3D rendering of your custom piece for your review and feedback.
    • This phase ensures you visualize the final piece down to its finest detail.
  5. Expert Craftsmanship:

    • With your go-ahead, I'll embark on the journey of crafting and assembling your bespoke jewellery or custom item.
    • Every step is taken with care, precision, and an unyielding commitment to quality.
  6. Preview and Final Payment:

    • As soon as your piece is ready, I'll share a high-definition image for your final review.
    • Once you're completely satisfied, I kindly request the final payment.
  7. Delivery and Presentation:

    • Your art piece will be lovingly packaged and sent to your chosen location.
    • For that finishing touch of elegance, it will be presented in a luxurious box, ready for its cherished wearer.
    • The entire crafting process, given its intricate nature, typically spans 3-8 weeks.

Virtual Collaboration and Updates: In this digital era, I've woven convenience and accessibility into every facet of my process. Wherever you're based, our virtual consultations, timely email updates, and vivid visuals keep you closely connected. Whether you're relaxing at home, busy at work, or traveling, your dream piece is always just a virtual chat away.

Your experience with me goes beyond the creation of your custom piece. I stand by the quality of my work and am always here for any post-purchase questions or needs. My passion is to not only meet but exceed your expectations at every juncture.

Reach Out to Begin Your Custom Journey!