patricia engagement ring and wedding band

A Union of Design

Intricately sculpted from 14K palladium white gold, the Patricia engagement ring elegantly marries modern sensibilities with vintage allure. The hammered texture gives it a raw, earthy essence, while the rose-cut black diamond at its heart introduces an unexpected twist to traditional design. The Patricia rings don't just coexist; they merge. Designed to interlock like pieces of a puzzle, the wedding band gracefully slides into the engagement ring. This innovative approach not only results in a harmonious aesthetic but also poetically represents the beautiful confluence of two lives in matrimony.

Judi surpassed my expectations when she designed my engagement and wedding bands.  She made the entire process fun and exciting from the  the design stages to the final product.  Her high level of professionalism and fun attitude made the journey unforgettable and gave me the piece-of-mind knowing that i was in good hands.if you are looking to have a unique piece of jewellery custom made for yourself or a loved one, then Judi is the one that you want!  thanks to her, I'm all smiles.P.P.