michelle j. engagement ring

Where Nature Meets Devotion

Michelle's engagement ring is a harmonious blend of the wild Arctic landscapes and the tranquil depths of the sea. Crafted meticulously in 14K palladium white gold, the ring spotlights a Canadian polar bear diamond, echoing the rugged beauty and resilience of the North. Accentuating its brilliance, the delicate shell motifs cradle two radiant emeralds, infusing the piece with a marine grace. 

 The whole process with Judi was seamless, and I live in Toronto.

Met her at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and contacted her web site to help create a unique engagement ring (which can be seen on her web site gallery: Michelle ring).

Bottom line: Fiancé loved the design and we anticipate having Judi create the wedding bands, as well.

Ryan J. - Toronto, Ontario