michelle and dave sound wave rings

When Sound Waves Meet Heartbeats

Melding passion and sentiment, Michelle and Dave's wedding rings resonate with their shared love for sound editing. Intricately fashioned from 14K palladium white gold and accentuated with 14K yellow gold plating, these bands showcase an exquisite wave pattern inspired by the haunting call of the Kokako bird, native to New Zealand's verdant forests. More than just a tribute to their profession, the rings echo the harmonious blend of their personal and professional lives, ensuring every glance is a reminder of shared dreams and intertwined destinies.

"Judi is an amazing artist. We live in New Zealand, but have spent some time in Canada working on films and fell in love with Vancouver. Judi was so easy to communicate with, even though we live so far away. She came up with a perfect design for our wedding rings that incorporated a special sound wave into the band. As we are both sound designers for film, it seemed fitting to include an element of the work we do that brought us together. The sound is a vocalisation from a rare New Zealand bird called the Kokako that we hiked up a mountain to record. Judi beautifully captured the sound wave in yellow gold, elegantly woven into white gold bands. When we went to Canada to collect the rings, she even managed to work some jeweller magic, resizing my ring as it was slightly too small. We can’t thank her enough for her swift and enthusiastic approach to her work. I keep twisting the band on my ring daily to admire its beauty and to quietly recall that magical morning in the bush when Dave and I sat together to listen to songs of nature, as I hope we continue to do for many years to come.Thank you Judi"Michelle Child and Dave Whitehead - New Zealand