jimmy and melanie rings

Elegance Defined

Shaped from the opulence of 18K palladium white gold, these rings emanate pure grace with their gypsy-set princess-cut diamonds. Each gem is meticulously embedded, culminating in a design where metal and stone flow as one. Beyond their dazzling appearance, these pieces stand as symbols of undying affection, trust, and the gleaming promise of days yet to come.

When it came time to ask my (then) girlfriend for her hand in marriage, I knew there was only one person I could trust with making the rings - Judi Patson of Even Design.I told her what I was thinking of, and she worked with me until I had the most beautiful rings. Absolutely perfect in every respect! My wife saw them and fell in love with them! From the type of gold I wanted, to the design, to the diamonds (she was also able to source non-conflict diamonds for me), Judi guided me along the process without a hitch. The design and craftsmanship are flawless - you'd have to hold them in your hand to believe it! We've since bought several more pieces from Judi, as have friends that I have turned onto this amazing artisan.If you need a special piece made, or want a unique piece from one of her other collections, don't give it a second thought. Jimmy H. - L.A., USA