goocher ring

A Feline's Forever Mark

Elegantly handcrafted in 14K palladium white gold, The Goocher Ring is adorned with a gypsy-set diamond and a luminous peridot, capturing the essence of a cherished feline friend. An intimate engraving of the cat's tag on the inner band keeps the memories alive and palpable. This piece gracefully commemorates the deep connection between a pet and its owner, making every wear a gentle reminder of shared moments and unconditional love.

I feel so fortunate to have found even design!  Judi is so easy to work with; so understanding of her customers' needs.  Judi designed a custom ring for me.  She was very sensitive to my needs, and wanted the ring she was designing for me to fit my vision.  She offered suggestions, provided drawings, asked for my input, and together, we came up with the perfect ring.  I wear my ring each and every day, and I've often been asked to take it off so that the admirer can get a closer look!  Judi's creativity, sensitivity, talent, and kindness are like nothing I've ever encountered.  The ring she created for me means so much more than words could ever express; a million thank you's to Judi could never be enough.  I am forever grateful to her for capturing my dream in her lovely work.Beth F - Ohio, USA