geoff and darien wedding set

United in Creativity and Adventure

The Geoff and Darien Wedding Set stands out with its imaginative design, meticulously handcrafted in 14K palladium white gold. Marrying steampunk flair with whimsical elements, this duo offers a fresh take on wedding jewellery.

Darien's ring boasts an intricate design of squid tentacles cradling garnets, while Geoff's ring brings forth a celestial moon scape punctuated by sapphires. And in a delightful twist, both rings sport a LEGO gear — a nod to playful ingenuity — designed to fit seamlessly together. This set is a vivid celebration of a bond as distinct and adventurous as the love it represents.

Judi was amazing. My fiancée (now wife) had put a few of Judi's items on a "cool!" list. I got in touch with Judi and working together we designed wedding rings that my wife simply loves. Judi was great to work with, going from my sketches and letting me mess with her renderings until we got things just right. If you go to her website, navigate to "custom work" then "wedding rings" and find "Geoff and Darien" to see what she made for us.Geoff B. - Colorado, USA