elizabeth wedding ring

Precision in Platinum

The Elizabeth Ring dazzles with a vibrant turquoise heart, framed by a brilliant round diamond. Crafted in exquisite platinum, this ring mirrors an architect's precision and passion, making it not just an accessory but a manifestation of dedication and love.

When I met Judi diving in Cairns, Australia we got on fantastic...  at the time she was a seconds director in the movie industry.  Fast forward a couple of years and here she is making fantastic Jewelry!  Various times I have ordered Jewelry from Judi and every time is has been beautiful and exactly what was required!The latest piece I ordered from Judi was a custom designed engagement ring.  Being an architect I designed it myself and was extremely specific about how it needed to look!  Of course, Judi got it 100% perfect - it was only me that got the size wrong!  Oops.None-the-less, check out 'Elizabeth Ring' in the custom section under engagement rings if you don't believe me!Not to forget - Judi also posts internationally...  she has sent me jewelry in Australia and even here to Dubai (where I am currently living).And Judi...  if you're reading this - yes, I am working on the design for the wedding bands which I hope you would do us the honour and make for us!Bruno V. - London, England