teardrop level necklace

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Elegance meets balance.

Inspired by our signature Eye Level design, this necklace is a tribute to life's delicate equilibrium. Crafted in sterling silver, choose between green, blue, or clear levels. A symbol of balance for every occasion.

I have received your Level Necklace as a birthday present from my son Tomas. I wear it almost all the time and I love wearing it for two reasons - 1. it's unique and beautiful, and 2. it's a great conversation piece. I get comments about it from the people I know and even from strangers almost every day. Women usually say how much they love the necklace and how beautiful it is, the men almost always make a comment such as "are you always in level?", "do you work in construction?" etc. I got comments from my family doctor, friend's daughter, sales lady at Home Depot, flight attendant on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Toronto - just to name a few.I got another comment today - "what a beautiful necklace, it's so cool!" from a sales lady at a grocery store. She asked where I got it. I told her and I have been telling people that Judi will be at a One of a kind show in Toronto. I think she'll be very busy ;)Judy Jirku, Ontario

Hi Judi. Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I was to receive a very special 'level' necklace today as a 15th anniversary gift from my husband, Brian. I had met you briefly at the One of a Kind in Toronto this Spring, and instantly fell in love with your creative flair! Your card was on our refrigerator, and Brian must have thought it was a hint, when really, I just enjoyed looking at it! Needless to say, it was a lovely surprise -- and believe me, balance is something I need more of in my life, so this is a wonderful reminder of that. I have treasured pieces from other artists you may know - Lisa Ridout and Stan Tait among them, and I am delighted to add this to my collection! The compass necklace would also have been a terrific choice, as I have a terrible sense of direction, the 'barrel of monkeys' bracelet is so playful it's adorable too -- your designs are just great. Thanks again!Kind regards,Laurie Hall, Ontario