solo brick ring

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Innovative Elegance

The Solo Brick Ring, originally a novel twist on the engagement ring, now invites all to embrace their creativity. With its hidden diamond and LEGO-compatible design, it's a sterling silver canvas for expression. This piece is more than an ornament; it's an interactive experience that unites sophisticated jewellery with the joy of LEGO. Each ring, part of our Connection Collection, comes with its own LEGO starter set, encouraging you to personalize your wearable art. Whether it's a symbol of love, a nod to nostalgia, or a playful accessory, the Solo Brick Ring is for those who celebrate individuality and the joy of life's building blocks.

Judi Patson has an amazing creativity and she definitely invests in good relationships with customers: with kindness, generosity and always with prompt and efficient  answers . I can't tell how many times I have been told that my Solo brick ring or my Level necklace were nice and/or funny! Even design's  work of art is special to me because it can have a strong symbolic meaning, it links with childhood, it has been conceived to receive light and there is movement in it (see the "balance" and the "connection" collection). Also these jewels make other people interact with me and/or  smile! Judi Patson takes a good care of her business and of her customers, even if they are from the other side of the country! Go for it : )Julie D - Quebec