brick ring 2 x 2

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Limitless Expression, Endless Fun.

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds with the 2x2 Brick Ring. This delightful piece is more than just jewellery; it's an ever-changing canvas that invites you to play, reimagine, and express.

The spirit of our Connection Collection is vividly embodied in this ring, celebrating the joy of transformation and the thrill of personalization. As your mood and style evolve, so can your ring, embracing new colours and configurations.

Crafted with precision in sterling silver, every ring from this collection is accompanied by a curated starter pack of LEGO bricks. We're passionate about offering infinite styling opportunities because, like you, we cherish boundless creativity.

I'd like to let you know that, if not for your designs, I have a most fantastic day at the 'One of a Kind' show today.But...seeing your designs...falling in crazy love with your designs...and not being able to buy the pieces I wanted...this made me sad!I have to say, of all the craft and art shows I've been to, your booth will stand at the top of my list!One day, when I grow up, I will be able to put lego on my ring, and have a ring with a secret door leading to popping up jewels.I send you my very best wishes.Nik - BC