slug ring

slug ring

Behold the "Slug Ring," a captivating piece of jewellery that pays homage to where the slug-themed line began. This unique ring delicately wraps around your finger, allowing for easy adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit.

At the heart of this ring are two exquisite sapphires, set as the eyes of the charming slug. These precious gemstones add a touch of elegance and a subtle hint of colour to the whimsical design.

Hand-carved and meticulously crafted in sterling silver, the "Slug Ring" showcases the same exceptional artistry and attention to detail that defines our creations. Its playful and unconventional form invites intrigue and conversation, making it a standout piece in your jewellery collection.

Wear the "Slug Ring" as a symbol of embracing life's unexpected twists and turns. Let it remind you that beauty and wonder can be found in the most unlikely places. This ring is not just an accessory; it's a celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Add this charming ring to your collection and carry with you a piece of the journey where the slug line began, beautifully wrapped around your finger for all to admire.