hockey stick necklace

Hockey, a word that echoes through the heart of Canada, synonymous with national pride, unity, and sheer passion. This beloved sport, born on Canadian soil, is more than just a game; it's a way of life.

Our Hockey Stick Necklace pays homage to this iconic sport, expertly hand-carved and cast in sterling silver. This necklace serves as a powerful symbol of your love and connection to the game.

Worn asymmetrically, the Hockey Stick necklace adds a touch of elegance to your attire while proudly declaring your enthusiasm for Canada's national sport. Whether you're a player, a fan, or simply appreciate the spirit of the game, this necklace allows you to carry a piece of hockey's legacy with you, wherever you go. Celebrate the enduring bond between Canadians and the game they hold dear with this beautifully crafted accessory.