testimonials: real stories from 'even' people

 The whole process with Judi was seamless, and I live in Toronto.

Met her at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and contacted her web site to help create a unique engagement ring (which can be seen on her web site gallery: Michelle ring).

Bottom line: Fiancé loved the design and we anticipate having Judi create the wedding bands, as well.

Ryan J. - Toronto, Ontario


"Judi is an amazing artist. We live in New Zealand, but have spent some time in Canada working on films and fell in love with Vancouver. Judi was so easy to communicate with, even though we live so far away. She came up with a perfect design for our wedding rings that incorporated a special sound wave into the band. As we are both sound designers for film, it seemed fitting to include an element of the work we do that brought us together. The sound is a vocalisation from a rare New Zealand bird called the Kokako that we hiked up a mountain to record. Judi beautifully captured the sound wave in yellow gold, elegantly woven into white gold bands. When we went to Canada to collect the rings, she even managed to work some jeweller magic, resizing my ring as it was slightly too small. We can’t thank her enough for her swift and enthusiastic approach to her work. I keep twisting the band on my ring daily to admire its beauty and to quietly recall that magical morning in the bush when Dave and I sat together to listen to songs of nature, as I hope we continue to do for many years to come.
Thank you Judi" Michelle Child and Dave Whitehead - New Zealand

“Judi’s rings make our hearts sing. Really. She created our rings after a quick meeting and some talk of the many things we both love about our lives and life. After a very short wait, we were presented with three beautiful rings that somehow spoke simply and eloquently of what we love most: each other, the sea, the mountains and the stars.
Thank you, Judi!” Tanya and Ian - Victoria, BC
Judi was amazing. My fiancée (now wife) had put a few of Judi's items on a "cool!" list. I got in touch with Judi and working together we designed wedding rings that my wife simply loves. Judi was great to work with, going from my sketches and letting me mess with her renderings until we got things just right. If you go to her website, navigate to "custom work" then "wedding rings" and find "Geoff and Darien" to see what she made for us.  
Geoff B. - Colorado, USA
Judi has made many pieces for myself and my wife, from bracelets to rings to pendants. I have a tattoo on my leg that she managed to translate into my wedding ring! It goes perfectly with the diamond ring my wife got. If you want something unique and amazing, you have no choice but to call Judi. Chris M. - Toronto, Ontario
When I met Judi diving in Cairns, Australia we got on fantastic...  at the time she was a seconds director in the movie industry.  Fast forward a couple of years and here she is making fantastic Jewelry!  Various times I have ordered Jewelry from Judi and every time is has been beautiful and exactly what was required!

The latest piece I ordered from Judi was a custom designed engagement ring.  Being an architect I designed it myself and was extremely specific about how it needed to look!  Of course, Judi got it 100% perfect - it was only me that got the size wrong!  Oops.

None-the-less, check out 'Elizabeth Ring' in the custom section under engagement rings if you don't believe me!

Not to forget - Judi also posts internationally...  she has sent me jewelry in Australia and even here to Dubai (where I am currently living).

And Judi...  if you're reading this - yes, I am working on the design for the wedding bands which I hope you would do us the honour and make for us!
 Bruno V. - London, England
Judi surpassed my expectations when she designed my engagement and wedding bands.  She made the entire process fun and exciting from the  the design stages to the final product.  Her high level of professionalism and fun attitude made the journey unforgettable and gave me the piece-of-mind knowing that i was in good hands.

if you are looking to have a unique piece of jewelry custom made for yourself or a loved one, then Judi is the one that you want!  thanks to her, I'm all smiles. 

When it came time to ask my (then) girlfriend for her hand in marriage, I knew there was only one person I could trust with making the rings - Judi Patson of Even Design.

I told her what I was thinking of, and she worked with me until I had the most beautiful rings. Absolutely perfect in every respect! My wife saw them and fell in love with them! From the type of gold I wanted, to the design, to the diamonds (she was also able to source non-conflict diamonds for me), Judi guided me along the process without a hitch. The design and craftsmanship are flawless - you'd have to hold them in your hand to believe it!

(they are pictured on the website - http://custom.evendesi...
the three flat bands with the square diamonds)

We've since bought several more pieces from Judi, as have friends that I have turned onto this amazing artisan.

If you need a special piece made, or want a unique piece from one of her other collections, don't give it a second thought. 
Jimmy H. - L.A., USA

I feel so fortunate to have found even design!  Judi is so easy to work with; so understanding of her customers' needs.  Judi designed a custom ring for me.  She was very sensitive to my needs, and wanted the ring she was designing for me to fit my vision.  She offered suggestions, provided drawings, asked for my input, and together, we came up with the perfect ring.  I wear my ring each and every day, and I've often been asked to take it off so that the admirer can get a closer look!  Judi's creativity, sensitivity, talent, and kindness are like nothing I've ever encountered.  The ring she created for me means so much more than words could ever express; a million thank you's to Judi could never be enough.  I am forever grateful to her for capturing my dream in her lovely work.  
Beth F - Ohio, USA

"Judi's jewellery should come with a warning: wear only if you have time to take compliments." 

Sandy Ibrahim, Victoria, BC

My fave item is a compass ring purchased from Even Design.
I love it because it's comfy to wear and I reach for it most often.  It keeps my inner and outer compass aligned.   It never lets me down.  I love to visit Judi at each and every show to see what new designs she has come up with.  I'm saving up for the slug ring.  Her pieces have such whimsey.  I get lots of compliments when I travel with this ring from Arizona to Europe! I've 'even' had to share details of Judi's website. Gillian - Toronto, Ont.

I'd like to let you know that, if not for your designs, I have a most fantastic day at the 'One of a Kind' show today.
But...seeing your designs...falling in crazy love with your designs...and not being able to buy the pieces I wanted...this made me sad!
I have to say, of all the craft and art shows I've been to, your booth will stand at the top of my list!
One day, when I grow up, I will be able to put lego on my ring, and have a ring with a secret door leading to popping up jewels.
I send you my very best wishes.  Nik - BC


"I was at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this past Friday and bought a 1x4 brick necklace. I just wanted to tell you that the necklace is a hit!  I’ve had so many compliments on it – and I’ve only worn the one day!  Not to take away anything from other jewellery designers, but your stuff is always made to last, a lot of fun and definitely different!" Daniela Di Giantomasso, Toronto, Ont.

Judi's designs are not only strikingly attractive, they are also very practical. Designer jewellery that can indicate when you are about to fall over and then which direction you are lying once you have will prove invaluable to binge drinkers and the incurably clumsy world-wide.
Murgle, Brisbane, Australia

"And, quite seriously, I don't know when I've received anything as whimsical and innately beautiful at the same time as the slug ring. I think it may well be my favourite gift, ever. You must convey my appreciation of its artistry to the maker!" 

via Elizabeth Derbecker, Toronto, Ontario

Hi Judi. I just wanted to share this story with you. Check out my website and you'll see exactly why finding your work was so important to me. I'm sure that this story will make it's way into a speaking engagement at some time as on those events I adorn myself with my full array of balance jewelry. Amazon.ca: Life Is a Balancing ACT: Books: Debbie Lessin

Keep up the beautiful design work! Hope this story starts your week off on a fun note!

Debbie Lessin, Chicago, USA

Hi Judi. Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I was to receive a very special 'level' necklace today as a 15th anniversary gift from my husband, Brian. I had met you briefly at the One of a Kind in Toronto this Spring, and instantly fell in love with your creative flair! Your card was on our refrigerator, and Brian must have thought it was a hint, when really, I just enjoyed looking at it! Needless to say, it was a lovely surprise -- and believe me, balance is something I need more of in my life, so this is a wonderful reminder of that. I have treasured pieces from other artists you may know - Lisa Ridout and Stan Tait among them, and I am delighted to add this to my collection! The compass necklace would also have been a terrific choice, as I have a terrible sense of direction, the 'barrel of monkeys' bracelet is so playful it's adorable too -- your designs are just great. Thanks again!
Kind regards,
Laurie Hall, Ontario

I have to tell you...this was by far the best, and most appreciated, gift I bought this year! It was worn by my friend with love to a winter solstice celebration the day I gave it to her. She absolutely loves it, and couldn't stop talking about it for a week. Thank you so much for a beautiful design!  Liz Mabry, Ontario

I love to wear my "Barrel of Monkey's" bracelet out and about. Because it is such a wonderful throw-back to childhood, it often elicits great memories for people who notice it.  If you are on the hunt for a unique piece of jewelry, something custom made then you need to consult with Judi. She designed mine and my husband's wedding rings and more recently she created a cocktail ring that exceeded my expectations.

She is passionate about one-of-a-kind pieces and it shows. It's a tricky business having something custom made and Judi is open and not pushy - knowing that it's a big step to invest in a piece of fine jewelry.

She's also got really playful and beautifully made 'ready-to-wear' collections so go have a gander at her site.

 Danielle Marleau Vancouver, BC

I have received your Level Necklace as a birthday present from my son Tomas. I wear it almost all the time and I love wearing it for two reasons - 1. it's unique and beautiful, and 2. it's a great conversation piece. I get comments about it from the people I know and even from strangers almost every day. Women usually say how much they love the necklace and how beautiful it is, the men almost always make a comment such as "are you always in level?", "do you work in construction?" etc. I got comments from my family doctor, friend's daughter, sales lady at Home Depot, flight attendant on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Toronto - just to name a few.

I got another comment today - "what a beautiful necklace, it's so cool!" from a sales lady at a grocery store. She asked where I got it. I told her and I have been telling people that Judi will be at a One of a kind show in Toronto. I think she'll be very busy ;)
  Judy Jirku, Ontario

Now as far as the bracelet goes. I LOVE IT!!! I've been wearing it since the moment it was opened and I don't wear any jewellery at all usually. It seems somehow fitting on me. there are two direct, somewhat predictable representations for me in it. One being the balances within life (corny but always at the for front of my mind), and also the relationship between art and math. I think you do lovely work. Thank you. I treasure it .

 Kevin Fox - Toronto, Ontario

Judi Patson has an amazing creativity and she definitely invests in good relationships with customers: with kindness, generosity and always with prompt and efficient  answers . I can't tell how many times I have been told that my Solo brick ring or my Level necklace were nice and/or funny! Even design's  work of art is special to me because it can have a strong symbolic meaning, it links with childhood, it has been conceived to receive light and there is movement in it (see the "balance" and the "connection" collection). Also these jewels make other people interact with me and/or  smile! Judi Patson takes a good care of her business and of her customers, even if they are from the other side of the country! Go for it : ) Julie D - Quebec

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