Alicia and Ross Wedding Set

Love's Symphony in Sapphire and Gold.

Lose yourself in the enchanting narrative of this engagement ring. A resplendent light pink sapphire holds the limelight, embraced tenderly by the ageless sophistication of 14K palladium white gold. The band tells its own tale, etched with a bespoke birch pattern—a loving nod to the cherished birch tree, echoing sentiments close to her heart.

Alicia Wedding Band – Elegance in Harmony.

Experience the luminance of the Alicia Wedding Band, where nine pristine white sapphires find their home amidst the sheen of 14K palladium white gold. Crafted to resonate seamlessly with her treasured pink sapphire birch bark ring, this ring epitomizes grace and lasting allure. The white sapphires, radiant and pure, play a duet with the palladium white gold's enduring elegance, creating a harmonious ballet of craftsmanship and emotion.

Ross Wedding Band - Nature's Ode to Unity.

Embrace the intricate dance of two souls in Ross's sterling silver wedding band. With a design paying tribute to the majestic Douglas fir, it stands as a counterpart to Alicia's birch tree-inspired emblem. More than just rings, they paint a portrait of two distinct souls resonating in tandem, their individual affinities merging seamlessly into a harmonious whole. In celebrating both love and nature, these pieces whisper tales of passions intertwined, of two journeys converging as one.